How nCashDeals works

Instructions & Guidelines to earn Cashback

  •  Please login, Click our Links to visit the Retailer & Place orders
  •  Do not use Ad blockers/ browser extensions that would block tracking your orders
  • Add products to cart only after you visit the store (click out) from
  • After Click out, place order in one session without visiting other websites
  • Do not use Gift Voucher or Wallet Amount or Loyalty Points to place your order
  • Please follow specific Cashback Terms given by the Retailer
  • Cashback not available if you return, replace or exchange any item of your order
  • You must do a Click out from Ncashdeals everytime you place a new order
Please Note : We do not guarantee Cashback if tracking your order is failed because of any human error like customer did not follow the Cashback Instructions correctly or Technical problems like your browser has malicious extensions/ plugins which manipulate URLs or block tracking.